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Supporting Stronger Communities in South Africa

The My Arms Wide Open® Foundation provides support for mothers, children, and youth in South Africa, as well as in indigenous and aboriginal communities in other parts of the world, to create and manifest sustainable, autonomous and responsible businesses and economic activity within their communities.

My Arms Wide Open works directly with community members, who identify priorities for community development. We help them improve their skills and knowledge in areas such as entrepreneurship, leadership, policy and governance, mentoring, education, food security, infrastructure and personal development.

Our work is focused in five key areas that respond to indigenous needs and benefit the community as a whole. Supported by a fantastic network of partners, My Arms Wide Open is committed to helping communities be vibrant, sustainable and environmentally attractive .

We invite you to be part of the process and solution.

 To join the MAWO team on the ground in one of our communities got to: My World In A Garden, EcoTours


Support our current initiatives:

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Corporate Sponsorship

My Arms Wide Open® believes in the power of partnerships & collaborative efforts and working with Corporate partners. more >

In-Kind Support

My Arms Wide Open® appreciates in-kind contributions along with, or in-leiu of, cash contributions. more >

Individual Donations

My Arms Wide Open® is grateful and appreciates the support that our many individuals contributors make to our causes. more >